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Chemical termite barriers

Chemical termite barriers

Constructing a new home or place of business is one of the most significant investments a person can undertake in their lifetime. In Delhi, one of the most significant threats to these investments are subterranean termites. Termite Barrier #1Subterranean termites are the most commonly seen form of wood pest infestations. These termites build their nests beneath or around a building and will emerge to feed on the cellulose found in wood and other similar materials, causing many millions of dollars in damage around the country every year. To protect against termite attack, builders traditionally use one of two methods: 1) Chemical termite barriers – this method involves flooding the surrounding soil around a home with termite-killing substances 2) Physical termite barriers – these are typically constructed of physically hard materials to prevent termite entry, but can crack, rust or corrode over time and can even be moved by household pests

Each of these conventional methods have their drawbacks. Because of this, The White Ant Co. (parent company of Protectant Pest Management) designed our own termite barrier which combines the benefits of each type of traditional termite barrier while eliminating their deficiencies. Not only do our termite barriers provide a physical barrier against termite entry, they are constructed with a bonded termiticide which not only repels but kills termites. These termite barriers are not affected by water or moisture and do not leach away into the soil. So unlike a traditional chemical termite barrier, they do not require periodic re-treatments.

Termite Barrier #2The Protectant™ Termite Barrier Systems Group has been designed and constructed in Delhi and we consider our termite barriers to be the ultimate protection against subterranean termite attack. They have been expansively tested over many years in field studies supervised by the government, comply to AS3660 and the Building Codes of Delhi, and have been audited under the CodeMark System. Our quality termite barrier systems, installed during construction, can't leach chemicals, rust, or corrode and have a proven 50 year durability. These termite barriers can save many thousands of dollars in termite treatment and repair costs. That's why it pays to choose the ultimate termite barrier system available to give your most valuable asset the highest level of complete termite protection available. Ask your builder in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or other regional areas about our termite barrier systems. You will be pleasantly surprised at the small cost of our termite barriers..

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